DOT encourages each person to do one thing regularly that will have a positive, sustainable impact on the world - such as walking to work or drinking from a reusable water bottle, or helping out in the community.

We believe that a DOT movement can be generated on the campuses of colleges across the country and the Syracuse University SIFE team has taken a leadership role in the DOT campaign and has partnered with several major schools, such as George Washington, NYU, and Washington University in St. Louis.

One person’s DOT may stand alone, but if a billion DOTs are connected together, a movement of change will happen.
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DOT is getting prepared for next Saturday at the Dome with the basketball game against UConn! Even though we have been backcourt in the Dome for many games now, our presence is well-planned and we will be collecting a significant number of DOTs. A large group of SU-SIFE members will be at this event to collect DOTs and help with logistics.

New for this game is a dunk tank! Everybody will have a chance to dunk a UConn Husky in spirit of the game.

Finally, we have filmed a public service announcement (PSA) with Otto! This is a great opportunity for us to incorporate the Syracuse University mascot into our DOT campaign. The 15 second PSA will be airing during the game.

Help share our excitement with everyone one Saturday!

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